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"Regarding ART as a company... They have exceeded anyone’s definition of service with respect to servicing the product that they offer. That’s why I'll to talk to anyone who will listen about the job that they’ve done."

"They’ve got the product – they’ve got the know-how and they’ve got a great program."

"Worksite Marketing Manager lets us setup a simple checking account and the bills come in from the carrier – the payments come in from the employers. It's so easy and so effective."

"The greatest advantage I have today is a full audit capability at every renewal or at the any time necessary to make sure we are deducting the correct balance due... I could continue to give my views about our current payroll deduction program and its advantages. I would be hard pressed to find any disadvantage to Worksite Marketing Manager."

Worksite Marketing Manager 2.0
Central to Agency Catalyst is Worksite Marketing Manager 2.0. This online system enables your agency to make multiple products from multiple insurance companies available to employees while requiring only one employer payroll slot.

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