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This document discloses the privacy practices for Agency Revenue Tools LLC and for our Website, We are committed to maintaining the privacy of nonpublic, personal information that is provided to us by our customers and understand that we must conform to all applicable laws intended to protect this data. We will advise you of how we use the nonpublic information that our insurance agency or company customers provide us concerning them, including their clients’ nonpublic information. Agency Revenue Tools LLC reserves the right to modify this Policy Statement.

Purpose of Use of Information Provided Us:

Agency Revenue Tools enables insurance agencies and insurance companies to engage in the development of consumer insurance business by marketing to the employees of participating employers. In the case of independent insurance agencies, our administrative technology, known as Worksite Marketing Manager 2.0 allows the use of multiple insurance companies within a given employee group. The common names for such enterprise are “Worksite Marketing” or “Employee Marketing”.

Our software is an ASP. Within Worksite Marketing Manager, each of our agency or company customers is allocated exclusive access to utilize our technology on behalf of their enterprise. Private identification indicators and passwords are assigned to each customer and to its employees that enter Worksite Marketing Manager.

Worksite Marketing Manager receives information from our customers (agency or insurance company) and performs the following actions:

1. Calculates appropriate amounts to be deducted for insurance from each participating employee during each payroll period;
2. Advises both employer and employee of deduction amounts, without disclosing type or amount of insurance to employer);
3. Bills employer for amounts withheld from participating employees’ paychecks;
4. Assists Agency in reconciling employer remittances;
5. Provides reports to agency concerning commissions earned by agency and net premiums owed participating insurance companies;

Information Provided to Agency Revenue Tools by Our Customers:
1. Name and address of each participating Insurance Company, including lines of insurance and percentages of commissions paid by all participating companies for each type of insurance;
2. Name and address of each participating employer, plus frequency of payroll periods maintained by the employer;
3. Name and address of each participating employee;
4. Line of business (i.e. home or auto) for each policy purchased by each participating employee, including inception and expiration dates and premium for the full policy term. No other specific information regarding the employee or amount of coverage is required;
5. Worksite Marketing Manager has the ability to collect insurance premiums directly from insured clients via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), as opposed to deduction from payroll. In such cases, some information concerning the client’s banking institution and account number will be necessary.

How We Use The Information Provided:
1. Agency Revenue Tools does not sell or otherwise provide to others any information provided by you or to you by your insured clients. Unless specifically requested by you to do so, we do not contact either your participating customers or their participating employees. We respect your proprietary interests in your clients. Any data entered into Worksite Marketing Manager on behalf of your agency or company will be entered by employees to whom you have assigned passwords and to whom you have assigned specific operating privileges.
2. While preserving the anonymity of its customers and their individual insured clients, Agency Revenue Tools does reserve the right to collect information in the aggregate concerning amounts and lines of business produced within the programs and services that we offer. No specific information concerning any individual agency, company or customer will be provided to any third party.

The Public Portion of our Website:

The public portion of our website,, is open to all and provides general information that might interest insurance agents or companies in the services that we provide. This portion of our website includes press releases, articles of interest and external links to other sites. Agency Revenue Tools is not responsible for the content of either these external links or of any posted articles not authorized by us.

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control. We use standard and accepted methods of securing our site and the machines with which we serve you. We continuously monitor and review the privacy measures we use to protect the information you have provided us.

Questions About Our Privacy Statement:
If you have any questions about our privacy statement our practices, or Agency Revenue Tools in general, please contact us through

Worksite Marketing Manager 2.0
Central to Agency Catalyst is Worksite Marketing Manager 2.0. This online system enables your agency to make multiple products from multiple insurance companies available to employees while requiring only one employer payroll slot.

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