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About Agency Revenue Tools

About Agency Revenue Tools
Agency Revenue Tools enables independent insurance agencies to increase their profits through the lucrative world of Worksite Marketing of consumer insurance. The greatest untapped source of agency commissions lies in the personal lines of the employees of an agency's commercial and benefits accounts. An agency can double the revenue they generate from these accounts by utilizing the tools, training, and support that they receive from Agency Revenue Tools. Our aggressive growth plan, Agency Catalyst, can only be successfully executed by independent agents. Agency Catalyst will guide agents with a plan that captures new business, has incredible retention and persistence, enhances agency value and is completely controlled by the agency.

Don't miss this opportunity to take a real bite o
ut of the competition with Agency Catalyst from Agency Revenue Tools.
Agency Catalyst is a revolutionary step-by-step business plan that gives you everything you need to effectively sell personal lines, and it's guaranteed. With Agency Catalyst, Agency Revenue Tools will help your agency create a new and consistently rewarding agency profit center. Agency Catalyst will give you a new approach to consumer insurance sales and marketing that is tested, effective and still virtually untapped.

Utilizing Agency Catalyst's software component, Worksite Marketing Manager 2.0, with an employer, you're able to provide complete personal lines coverage for their employees - by automatic payroll deduction. You become the employees' preferred source for all their personal insurance needs and your agency sees a huge boost in revenue.

Agency Catalyst can be tailored to be a major growth asset for any Independent Insurance Agency. Whether you are a regional or national agency, an established independent agency or a small or startup agency, we can give you the plan, tools and technology you need to dramatically increase your profits and capitalize on the opportunities affinity marketing and personal lines offer.

Worksite Marketing Manager 2.0
Central to Agency Catalyst is Worksite Marketing Manager 2.0. This online system enables your agency to make multiple products from multiple insurance companies available to employees while requiring only one employer payroll slot.

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